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NCA Na Pali Challenge

Sun Gate -Intipuncu 
 The Sun Gate!

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2013 Ski Swiss

Dolly Sods with Dogs

What a miserable trip for Matt & Chris... First the snow was cold! Then there was no one else in the Sods to talk to as we skied, the sky was bright blue and I forgot my sunglasses, the dogs never caught any rabbits, I wore way too many layers and had to carry the extras, we only got 9 miles of skiing in, my 20 year old boot broke and we wasted 5 minutes duct taping it back together, and we had to laugh at three four-wheel drive enthusiasts who got stuck on the access road. But we recovered with an excellent dinner at Cristina's Cafe with live music from the Dirk Quinn Band. (Ok, the only real reason it was miserable is that Liz wasn't with us...)

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Florida Bike 2012

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Torres del Paine

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